Dr. Kilimanguru and his secret to being a successful content creator

Image source: Facebook (Dr. Kilimanguru)

Winston Kilimanguru Creones Tiwaquen, also known as Dr. Kilimanguru is a content creator with over 3 million followers on TikTok. The influencer took Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Saint Louis University and later on studied Medicine. In his college years, Dr. Kilimanguru originally planned on taking Medical Technology as his pre-med course but doubted that he would enjoy the said course. He stated that deep down he wanted to do something related to media and that he did not want to waste four years of his life doing something he did not genuinely enjoy. He, later on, made the decision on taking BA Com.

After graduation from Communication, Dr. Kilimanguru realized that he was still interested in the field of medicine. He soon found out that He can enroll in Medicine with any program as a pre-med. He then entered Med school with BA Com as his pre-med. He stated that enrolling in Medicine with a pre-med not related to medicine was a huge shift and that words became foreign to him.

“I needed to be honest and humble,” He said when he recalled his experience. He said that he would ask his friends from med school to help him when he didn’t understand their lectures.

Image source: Facebook (Dr. Kilimanguru)

When asked for advice on how to become a successful content creator, Winston answered: “If you want to be successful as a social media content creator, you take time with your craft”

“Think of how to make it a quality video more than thinking how this video will go viral” He adds that his past mistake when he first began creating content was thinking about how to make his video go viral and not taking a good look at the quality of the video.

Dr. Kilimanguru’s success first started from youtube to Facebook and later on, TikTok. He was struggling with the algorithm on Facebook and Youtube and later on tried TikTok. He was surprised by the growth of his followers on this platform. Within a month of posting content on TikTok, Dr. Kilimanguru gained a million followers. This helped him promote his page on Youtube and Facebook.

He stated that he never planned to grow such a large audience on TikTok and that he was planning more of becoming a YouTuber. He also stated that the word “influencer” does not sit right with him because, for him, it is associated more with the younger generation.

Dr. Kilimanguru’s success as a content creator and at the same time as a doctor is an inspiration to those who have their hearts set on two different things at the same time. It is true that we should follow the promptings of our lives and continue to live without the weight of what the world tells us as it is what our heart truly desires. He is an inspiration to the youth who constantly feel the need of validating their career paths in their lives.